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    Roundabout Playgroup is committed to protecting the privacy of our parents, carers, children and staff. This privacy policy is intended to inform you how we gather and utilise your, your child’s and our staff’s personal data such as photos, name, address, phone number, nationality, religion and National Insurance no. etc.


  • We are registered as a ‘Data Controller’ with the Information Commissioners Office (I.C.O) and 

    comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the event of a data breach we will 

    notify the I.C.O within 72 hours of being made aware of the breach.


    We only collect and process information that is necessary for us to comply with our legal 

    obligations and to provide a childcare service. Types of data that we may collect include:

    Information that you provide on your child’s application form and ‘all about me’ form.

    Information that you provide on your government funding form.

    Photos, written observations and development records for the children’s Learning Journals.

    Information on accident/incident forms.

    Photos of children and staff for our website and closed Facebook group.

    Staff photos and details provided on their job application form/D.B.S application form.


    All information shall be held securely and only accessible and available to those who have the 

    right or professional need to see them. We will only store information for as long as necessary,

    taking into account applicable legal requirements. When it is no longer needed we will dispose of it 

    safely and securely.


    Where necessary or required we may share information with:

    Schools during your child’s transition .

    Healthcare,social and welfare advisers or practitioners for support with special needs etc.

    Local and central government/our local authority for funding purposes etc.

    Our website and closed Facebook page to encourage communication at home and promote our 

    setting. (We request that members do not snapshot and share posts from our Facebook page.)

    Photo processing companies to develop photos for the learning journals.

    Current,past or prospective employers of staff if requested for reference purposes.

    Pre-school Learning Alliance Staff Training Site to enable staff to access training.

    Ucheck to process D.B.S applications.

    In order to keep records up-to-date and accurate, we will regularly ask you to inform us of any



    You have the right to:

    Request access to personal information that we hold about you/your child and about how we

    process it.

    Request us to make any changes if they are incorrect.

    Object to and/or restrict the processing of your personal information if we have no legal right to

    hold it.

    Lodge a complaint with the U.K Information Commissioners Office.

    I.C.O HELPLINE: 0303 123 1113

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