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A day at Roundabout Playgroup​

9.00 – 9.15

Parent/carer signs their child in and the child self-registers indoors by finding

their name and putting it on the display board on the wall. Supervisor marks

the children in the register.

9.15 – 11.40

The children have the opportunity to do a wide variety of activities, for

example a drawing, a painting, a jigsaw puzzle, a craft, role-play in the home corner, play

with the bricks and cars, construction toys, threading, dough, dressing-up and

games on the tablet. Activities vary each day. Books are also available for the

children who wish to sit quietly.

The children go outside to play with bikes, pushchairs, balls, climbing

equipment, water, sandpit or whatever has been planned for that morning.

Also indoors children may have the opportunity to take part in any one of a

variety of activities e.g. musical instruments, construction toys, clay, farm/zoo

animals or playing board games.

These activities are under the supervision of staff at all times.

10.00 onwards

Rolling snack, when children are ready they are encouraged to find their name,

go to the toilet and wash their hands. Then they sit in small groups with an

adult to help prepare a healthy snack. After their snack, they have a drink of

milk or water.


Children sit in small groups. The children sit on chairs in a circle at one end of

the room. They sing nursery rhymes, listen to a story or discuss the morning



Children are encouraged to put on their coats and collect their bags ready to go



Parent/carer collects their child at the door and signs them out. As children

leave with parent/carer a member of staff stands by the gate to mark them out

of the register.

© 2018, Roundabout Playgroup

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